Cool Hair Styles for Black Women

The definition of ‘cool’ changes often in a decade and often reverts back to what was trendy two decades ago albeit with a new twist or two.  When reviewing today’s fashionable hair styles for black women those over 25 will recognize some of them as the styles worn when they were little. Afros have reappeared as low-cut naturals.  A lot of women opt for the big chop when they decide to stop using chemical agents to relax their hair.  Rather than deal with two textures during the transition they choose to cut all the processed hair off and start fresh.  Many women have found they like the ease and comfort of this style and decide to keep it short and natural.

The ponytail is another of the hair styles for black women that can be seen again.  The difference being it is a single ponytail, instead of multiples, bound with a clasp or strip of colorful textile.  Some like their hair slicked back and tied at the nape of the neck and others prefer their ponytail positioned higher and left fu…
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