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Cool Hair Styles for Black Women

The definition of ‘cool’ changes often in a decade and often reverts back to what was trendy two decades ago albeit with a new twist or two.  When reviewing today’s fashionable hair styles for black women those over 25 will recognize some of them as the styles worn when they were little.
Afros have reappeared as low-cut naturals.  A lot of women opt for the big chop when they decide to stop using chemical agents to relax their hair.  Rather than deal with two textures during the transition they choose to cut all the processed hair off and start fresh.  Many women have found they like the ease and comfort of this style and decide to keep it short and natural.

The ponytail is another of the hair styles for black women that can be seen again.  The difference being it is a single ponytail, instead of multiples, bound with a clasp or strip of colorful textile.  Some like their hair slicked back and tied at the nape of the neck and others prefer their ponytail positioned higher and left full.
Hair styles for black women in the summer time have changed as more and more African-American women decide to give up the frustrating effort of straightening their hair when humidity makes the task nearly impossible.  Now women of color are opting to wash their hair, scrunch it while using a diffuser to blow it dry and let the natural waves roll.  This hair style is also a good choice when rain is in the forecast. Instead of dreading the possibility of it getting wet and ruining your hairdo, embrace the natural look and relax.
Not only can black women wear the currently very popular short pixie cut, coil twists and Bantu knots are also popular options they can enjoy.

Let us assume that you are in the middle of a decision to open up a Hair Dressing Salon in a busy street of your area. One of the most obvious questions that will immediately come to your mind is how to practically practice this art. Here, we have attempted to show you how to dress public hair, in addition to professionally avail this seemingly booming business opportunity.
Generally, the public mostly trusts skilled and well equipped hair dressing spots.To ensure that you offer the best service to the public, it is imperative to invest in supporting equipment as well as have the relevant trendy skills. These can easily be achieved by closely observing the existing service providers in your area, and by sharing their skills and good practices. By carefully going through this article, you can familiarize yourself with how to professionally dress public hair.
Once a customer enters your premises, it is essential to use your good business communication skills to develop a long lasting relationship with her or him. By initiating such discussions you will be able to judge her or his preferred type of hair style. It is also advisable to openly publicize a standardized tariff of your service charges for various available hair styles, to ensure that your customers can select a uniform and standardservice. A price list should be openly hung on the wall in a place that the public can clearly study.
To begin with, ensure that all your hair dressing equipment and accessories are fully sterilized, so that any incidence of spreading contagious diseases isabsolutely minimized. Find out from the customer the particular hair style preferred by her or him. If you are not familiar with the desired hair style, clearly indicate your inability to the customer of. This is the best method of maintaining best quality service in public interest and your own business practices.
Irrespective of the hair style opted, tenderly wrap the customer with a clean hair dressing cloth and gently scrub the hair. Start cutting the hair with extra care and avoid incidence of cuts to the skin. In case of men who wear beards, inquire about the preferred of design before initiating dressing of their beards. Most men,who wear beards, fear they may look awkward without them.
Especially use Luke warm water with a dumb cloth to cleanse dead skin ortiny pieces of hair that remain on the cleared part of the face or neck. Apply medically approved spirit or alcohol on the smoothly cut exposed surfaces of the face and neck. Allow a few seconds for the reaction to subside. In case of a hair cut,finally apply hair spray or petroleum jelly to the hair to make them appear neat and shiny. Gently unwrap the customer and briskly brush away any remaining hair. After the customer steps away, mop the cut hair off the floor, and dispose theminto a dust bin.Now, you are familiar with how to appropriately dress public hair professionally.